Market Day Seasoned Salmon and Schwan's Marinated Salmon

We are big salmon eaters in this house. It is one of the few meals that every person in this family likes. And there are 7 of us. All five boys LOVE salmon.

I often grill it up simply with some lemon slices, but once in a while I order Seasoned Salmon from Market Day. I've been ordering it for years and love the flavor of it.

Recently, I also discovered that Schwan's had a Marinated Salmon with Grill Flavor and it tastes almost identical to what I get from Market Day. The kids devour this and if there happens to be an extra piece they fight over it.

It isn't cheap. It ranges from a little over $4 per piece (approximately 6 ounces each) when it's on sale through Market Day to $6.50 a piece at regular price from Schwan's, but it is well worth it. It is very good quality and it is something healthy that my whole family enjoys.