Assembling My Snack Boards

I was getting ready for a presentation I'd be doing last week on healthy, economical meals and since I'd be talking about food, I thought maybe I'd bring some food along. I remembered that I had some cheese from our recent travels and started out to make a small cheese and cracker tray...but I kept adding to it. And then I ran out of room. Then I grabbed another tray and filled that, too.

I always keep things stocked at home that I could throw on a snack tray. I thought about making a run to Aldi or another local supermarket for more variety, but I guess I did ok.

What I used:
4 different types of tortilla chips
pico de galo
spicy salsa
salsa verde 
mini toast
2 different salamis
7 different cheeses
grapes tomatoes
mixed nuts
pita bread
4 different crackers

I usually hesitate to call mine a charcuterie board because I tend to not go heavy on the meat. I usually skip at the meat and go for the other stuff when I'm the one eating, but I have to remind myself that others like the meat and I should include some when I make a board.

I definitely need to work on my styling skills, but I love putting together a board or tray with a variety of munchie items. No two boards are ever the same. You can add whatever you want. There's always something that someone likes. What do you like to put on your charcuterie or snack boards?