Let's Talk Womxn Gold Gourmet Glamour Bash

The other night I attended the Let's Talk Womxn Gold Gourmet Glamour Bash event at Moe's Cantina in River North. It was a kick-off event for Women's History Month celebrating Let's Talk Womxn restauranteurs. The event included more than 30 tasting stations of food and cocktails from some of the best woman-owned places in the city.

It was so good to be at an event like this. I love tasting events and really hadn't been to anything like this since before the pandemic. It was an opportunity to taste some good food and meet some of the industry bosses - and celebrate and support these inspirational women. Let's Talk Womxn is a 100% volunteer driven action movement of women-owned food and beverage businesses founded in 2020. It's now nationwide in a number of different cities with over 400+ members working together to network and help and promote their peers.

The venue, which I hadn't been to before, supplied a great vibe for the evening. I sampled nearly two dozen food and drink items - from salads to pastas to protein-based dishes to desserts and a few cocktails, as well. There were some amazing women and incredible restaurants represented (and a couple of my favorite ladies). Among the participants were some favorites of mine - like Saigon Sisters, Frontera Grill, and Antique Taco - and I was introduced some new and fabulous places like Eden, NaKorn, Casati's Modern Italian, Floriole, Imee's Mediterranean Kitchen, Verzenay and many more.

This gourmet bash reminded me of how powerful women entrepreneurs are and how that power is even greater in their collaborations. 

For more information on the organization, visit letstalkwomxn.com. Scroll through some of the businesses that you need to visit - especially during this month when we celebrate the contributions of women to this wonderful (and delicious) world we live in.