Athen's Pita: Munster, IN

Gyros have been a favorite since I was a kid. In recent years, though, I really got to like a healthier version - a whole wheat pita with grilled chicken and then ALL the topping (chickpeas, village salad, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, tzatziki).

I stopped at Athen's Pita last fall for the first time and decided to try the pita. I loved that grilled chicken was an option and they had all the toppings that I like and then some. They also had some very tasty tzatziki. It was very good and it was loaded. I ended up eating half and taking home the other half for lunch the next day. I was also shocked at the price - only $7.99. I was there in October or November, so it is possible the price may have gone up, but this was a total bargain.

There's a selection of other items besides the gyros. They do a gyros plate and also several burgers, wraps, a Greek-style quesadilla, chicken sandwich, filet mignon on a pita, Philly steak and more. Check them out if you are on the Illi-Indi border and make your way into Munster.

Athen's Pita
437 Ridge Road