Peddler's Pizza Perfect for a Party

These aren't the prettiest pictures. But this veggie pizza to too good not to share. It was from Peddler's Pizza Pub in Downtown Valparaiso and I loved the combo of tomato, spinach, mushroom, zucchini and garlic. I often lean toward the super-thin, crispy pizza, but I also love a good crust that is just the right amount of softness without being soggy and where the ends of the crust bubble up big - easy to grip and full of those little air pockets that make it so chewy and good.

Anyway, I'd been in there to dine before, but this time around I happen to stop at one of the offices I work in sometimes. I thought I'd be there when the place was empty and I'd hole up at the computer and get my work done. There happen to be a party going on, so as I sat there working I could smell there was something good outside the door. When I discovered it was Peddler's Pizza and that there was a veggie variety, I wasn't shy or above begging to try a slice. They obliged and now I know what I'm ordering on my next pie from Peddler's.

Peddler's Pizza Pub
5 Lincolnway
Valparaiso, IN