Submarine Port: South Holland, IL

Some foods just have that nostalgic factor that draws you back. One place I remember visiting many times as a teen was Submarine Port in South Holland, Illinois. It's a south suburb that bordered the town I grew up in. It was the days before there were Subway locations all over the place. And if you wanted a sandwich, you got one from a local deli or sandwich shop.

Submarine Port has been around for at least 50 years (the menu said it was celebrating 50 years, but not sure how long ago they were printed). I always loved just a basic turkey sub (I get the smallest one) with cheese, lettuce, onion, mayo. It tastes like the lettuce is maybe tossed in oil and vinegar - or maybe they just add it to the bottom layer of bread. Whatever it is that they do, it just tastes better than any sub I could make it home. It was so nice to stop by and take a bit that transported me right back to the late 1980s.

Submarine Port
617 E. 162nd Street
South Holland