Tacos & Burritos Rancho Grande: Lansing, IL

It's been a year since we moved from the south suburbs and there's a lot I miss about the village we lived in for 30 years. I miss friends and places and teachers and events. And I miss food. There are so many good restaurants in my new hometown (that's one reason I had it at the top of places to make a possible move), but once I get back to Lansing, there are foods that I want to have again. 

One of them is tamales from Tacos & Burritos Rancho Grande. They've also opened a second location in town since I moved. They are now on Ridge Road and on Torrence Avenue. I loved that I could almost always swing in there on a weekday and get a dozen for the kids for dinner. Add a little rice and some pico and chips and it was a yummy meal that we all enjoyed.

This time I also got an order of A la Mexicana - the chicken version. It also came with some guac, Spanish rice and refried beans and 5 tortillas.