Beatrix: Oak Brook, IL

The foodie sisters got together for lunch this past week for the first time in a LONG time. We decided to meet up at Beatrix's Oakbrook location. I've had Beatrix on my foodie bucket list for a while and didn't realize they had a suburban location. We wanted to have lunch in the west suburbs, so it was a great place to meet up. It's located in the mall near some other really good eateries like Perry's Steakhouse, Wildfire and Magliano's.


At the front, there's a coffee counter and a cozy lounge area where people sat working on laptops or chatting in comfy chairs and sofas. We made our way back to the dining room where we started off with drinks - a hot ginger peach tea for me an an orange/mango/pineapple for sis.

We decided to try and app - the hot honey Brussels sprouts, which were yummy and not too sweet nor to spicy.

We also shared a salad and had a hard time deciding because they all sounded so good. We went for the Straight "A" Salad. I didn't connect the name until after it arrived and we were eating it that all the ingredients started with an "A" - arugula, avocado, Asian pear, almond and asiago. It was a perfect combination - and one that should make an appearance on Sesame Street (is that show still on the air?) 

Anyway, for entrees, we both went with fish. It was whitefish scamp for me, which was so good. I loved the sauce and the fish has a nice little outer crunch with a very tender inside. Becky went for the miso glazed Faroe island salmon over some asparagus and snap peas.

We really enjoyed out meal and both agreed it was a perfect place for a casual lunch or for a working lunch where you could sit with a laptop with, a cup of coffee and some light bites and be productive. For more information, visit