Painterland Sisters Icelandic-Style Organic Skyr Yogurt

It's really been many, many years since I've eaten yogurt regularly. Once in a while I'd eat the fruit on the bottom stuff, but growing up there was a custard-style yogurt in stores that I loved. And I really loved it. I'd eat it several times a week. I remember using my babysitting money as a teen in the late 80s to go and buy it at the store and hide it in the back of the fridge. And then when it went away and wasn't sold in stores anymore, I just never got back to liking to eat yogurt again. 

A few years ago when skyr from Iceland first became available in the U.S. I tried it and it reminded me so much of the thick, creamy yogurt I had loved in my youth. It wasn't as sweet as typical yogurt, not watery and didn't have artificial sweeteners. While I loved it, I just had trouble finding it in stores and have had it only a handful of times.

Recently, I got a package of a new product to try, Painterland Sisters Icelandic Style Organic Skyr Yogurt and I was instantly smitten. I liked it even better than the Skyr I'd be picking up occasionally when I found it. This has such a creamy texture and I love the flavors it comes in. Hard to pick favorite - loved them all, but it's between the simple vanilla bean and meadow berry. You can also get strawberry, blueberry lemon and plain.

Skyr is a healthy snack packed with up to 18 grams of protein in each container, contains probiotics and uses only cane sugar and organic berries.

Distribution is expanding this spring and early summer, so keep an eye on the website to see when they arrive in your area. Right now the only Illinois location it's available is in Edwarsville. In Indiana you can find it in Carmel and in Wisconsin, they're in Brookfield and Rubicon. I'll be patiently waiting for its arrival in Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana and it's going to be one of those products that will have a standing spot in my refrigerator. For more information, visit