Lake Dale Ale: Lowell, IN

Sometimes a little dive bar is where you'll find the best food. A couple weeks ago my husband and I made our way out to Lake Dale Ale in Lowell, Indiana to see a friend of his and his band playing that night. While we waited for them to take the stage, we scanned the menu. We hadn't had dinner and we were both ready to dig in.

It was a cold day and hot soup sounded good. They make their soups from scratch and I really loved their chicken gnocchi soup. The next day I wished I'd ordered some to go as well because I enjoyed it so much.

I went back and forth trying to decide what to order and settled on an Italian beef as sausage combo. I omitted the cheese, but added red sauce and sweet peppers - just the same way I get it when I visit the Friendly Confines for a Cubs game. When I thought about it, I realized there may have been only one other time outside of the ballpark I've had one. I've eaten plenty of Italian beef, but rarely a combo - and I don't know why because it's so good. This one measured up to my expectations - a big, hearty, meaty sandwich that will stick to your ribs.

Don't recall what this was - it looks like root beer, but it was actually a boozy stout. They had a nice selection of craft beers.

Hubby opted for a Reuben - a favorite sandwich of both of us. This was a really good example of a classic Reuben and it hit the spot. He picked veggies rather than fries and they were perfection. I could have eaten a full plate of them. I love to come across fresh, sauted veggies in a place like this. They were so good.

If you find yourself in Lowell, swing by here for a drink and a bite - maybe several bites because everything we had was good and I'd go back there tomorrow and order all the same things. :)

Lake Dale Ale
5512 W. Main St.
Lowell, IN