Bristol 45 Diner in Bristol, Wisconsin

On a trip up to the Kenosha, Wisconsin area to visit a ski resort, someone from the Kenosha Area Convention and Visitors Bureau who I've know for years, recommended we eat at a diner just outside Kenosha. Bristol 45 Diner had become a recent partner of the CVB and I'd never heard of it before. I am so glad she urged us to go there. It was a wonderful dose of nostalgia with fabulous food and snazzy decor. It's a fun experience that transports you to another time.

The food was all pretty terrific and the portions were huge. Here's what we had:

Hubby tried out the taco salad and gave it a thumbs up. I wish I'd had room to try it, but I was too stuffed to even take a bite.

I had a delicious mushroom and Swiss burger. Each entree came with soup and bread, so I had a head start before I even got to this. I barely finished half the burger and left most of the fries. And I really wanted to eat more. The burger was fresh and it was loaded with mushrooms on a soft buttery bun.

One of the boys went for the Chicago style hot dogs. The order came with not one, but two. He's 10 and insisted he was too big to order from the kids menu. He'd also had soup and bread. He didn't make it half way through one hot dog. :)

One of the older boys ordered a chicken burger, which was actually barbecued shredded (or chopped) chicken, topped with onion rings. Looks heartburn inducing, but totally worth it.

 Take a look at the decor…super adorbs!

 Oh, and here's a peek at a couple of the beverages - a root beer float and Butterfinger shake.

I was impressed by the soups, which included chicken noodle and...

Broccoli and cheese.