Chicken tacos

Tacos are a common meal in our house. We usually have them about once a week. Sometimes I do the traditional ground beef tacos, but in an effort to make it a little healthier and change it up a bit, I've been making them with pulled pork, shredded chicken or even fish. This lightens up the calories and fat and also the flavor. Depending the spices used in cooking the meat, you can add as much zing to it as you like. I usually go on the mild side and let my husband and sons spice it up with Sriracha.

This batch of tacos was made with chicken that had sat in the crock pot for about 5 hours with a little bit of water and an envelope of fajita seasoning. 

Flour tortillas
shredded chicken
homemade salsa (find recipe here)
Diced avocado
corn, pepper and black bean blend (frozen from Market Day)

I loved how the colors mixed so nicely and it sure looked appetizing!