Sticky Fingers Raspberry White Chocolate Scones

I've mentioned before that I've participated in a Foodie Penpal program. One of the packages included a package of premium scone mix from Sticky Finger Bakeries. It was a raspberry white chocolate flavor that needed nothing more than water added, which is wonderful, especially when you're making them on a busy morning before everyone is scrambling to get out the door.

I've become a fan of scones mostly because I don't like sweets in the morning. I don't like doughnuts or sweet rolls or coffee cake. Scones give you a nice texture, but they aren't overly sweet. Match them with a cup of tea and it's breakfast perfection. I loved this flavor and am thinking of placing an online order to try out some other flavors as I'm coming across some that sound fabulous - everything from wild blueberry to tart cherry to lemon ginger and much, much more.