Farm Rich Cheese Sticks

A while back I got a coupon to try out a Farm Rich product through another food blogger. I am a sucker for anything with gooey cheese and once in a while, especially on a Saturday night when there's no where to go and nothing to do but bundle up in front of the television and loaf, I like to make a tray of mozzarella sticks.

I decided to try out the snack sized breaded cheese sticks and luckily I put them in for the perfect amount of time and they were, well, perfect! There's nothing worse than pulling them out of the oven ready to dig in and discover that you overcooked them and all the cheese already oozed out.

The bite-sized portions helped me eat a little less than I normally would and my kids gave it a big thumbs up. The enclosed marinara was a perfect accompaniment. I take back what I said earlier -- even worse than over cooking is when you cook them perfectly and realize you don't have any sauce to dip them in. Farm Rich gets my seal of approval and a place on my coffee table for Saturday night snack time.