Knockwurst from the Brat Stop

Some people travel and pick up t-shirts or keychains on the way. Mine are more often edible souvenirs.

Our most recent road trip was up to the Kenosha, Wisconsin area. Of course, you cannot visit that state and not come home with cheese, so we have always popped in to either Mars Cheese Castle or the Brat Stop for cheese to bring back home.

We had decided to stop and have dinner at The Brat Stop on Super Bowl Sunday before heading home and after dinner I had to do some shopping. As far as foodie souvenirs, much of the cooler space there is filled with cheeses. There are also sausages and I was happy to find knockwurst.

My father-in-law was a German immigrant who introduced me to German cuisine. There were a couple German restaurants and delicatessens we would visit with him. One thing he would always pick up was knockwurst and bratwurst. I'd bring it home and steam it and I love the garlicky flavor and smooth texture. He passed away last May and I miss him terribly. And any kind of German food always has me thinking of him.

By the way, if you are a fan of German food, there is an outstanding German restaurant in Kenosha called House of Gerhard. I visited one time a few years back one of my boys and I think the schnitzel there was the best I have ever had.

My Brat Stop knockwurst was fantastic, paired with my favorite spicy mustard from Drier's Meat Market in Three Oaks, Michigan, some fingerling potatoes from Schwan's and a scoop of leftover quinoa. :)

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