Pasta Salad with Olive Garden dressing

Last summer I went to a summer party at my friend, Marie's house. She lives on a like in northwest Indiana and we had a fun time hanging by the water and taking a boat ride and playing with her kids. Marie is actually the daughter of a retired co-worker of my husband. I've known her since she was about 16 and she used to babysit for my kids. She's a sweetheart.

The menu that day included a pig roast and one of the sides was a simple pasta salad Marie made. I asked her about how she made it. Turned out it was just pasta, chopped up veggies (I think she used tomato and green pepper) and some Olive Garden salad dressing, which you can purchase from Sam's Club. She had made a huge amount for the party - like 4 pounds of pasta and 3 bottles of dressing. Mine was on a smaller scale.

1 pound cooked tri-color rotini
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
1/2 yellow bell pepper, diced (I think green would even out the color and make it prettier, but all I had on hand was red and yellow pepper)
1 roma tomato, diced
Throw in a bowl and mix well.

Because I love cheese, I diced up some 3-year-aged Cheddar I had just gotten on a trip to Wisconsin and threw it in to a serving for me.

Some other great add-ins would be: sliced olives, diced onion, diced cucumber, diced ham or chicken