Bru Burger, Indianapolis, IN

During a recent visit with the family to Indianapolis, we made a stop for dinner at Bru Burger Bar on trendy Mass. Ave. following a busy day touring the Capitol and the Indianapolis Zoo. We got there in time to beat the dinner rush and, although it was a beautiful day (the first 70 degree day we've seen this year) and the outdoor patio area was open, we dined inside as there was a very brisk wind.

I looked over the appetizer menu and tried to order something everyone would like - everyone being me, hubby and our sons, age 8, 10, 12 and 14. I ordered a platter of BBQ chicken nachos. Three of the kids weren't interested (they're on the pickier side), one dug in and I ate way too much of them than I should have ~ as did my husband. The chunks of shredded white meat were dripping in a delicious sauce that our server, Keith, told us was made in house, along with all their sauces, salad dressings, guacamole and pico de gallo. The guac was outstanding and something not to miss on a visit there. Even the ketchup is made fresh on site with no preservatives or corn syrup. It was fantastic. The consistency isn't what we are all used to with the store-bought ketchup that comes in a bottle. It's thinner, but still has bits of real tomato chunks.

Keith did an outstanding job as our server, answering all my questions and making suggestions. He was very knowledgeable on everything, super friendly and very helpful. (***Bru bosses, if you're reading this, give this guy a raise. Seriously, he's good!) And when I told him I was a food blogger, he took me over to give me a peek at the small kitchen where all the magic happens. They had an impressive steady, swift procedure back there to getting everything done quickly, but with great care in some small quarters.

I love to get beer flights where I'm able to sample a variety of beers in small quantities. If I like it, I finish the glass. If I don't, I'm not wasting a whole pint. However, all of these got finished off. I followed Keith's suggestions for the rotating tap of Bier's and Triton, both out of Indianapolis along with Chicago's Two Brothers DuPage Ale and another Indianapolis brew with Fountain Square's Working Man's Pilsner.

I wish I'd taken note of what hubby ordered because I was also fond of his selection. It went well with my black and bleu burger, which was loaded with gorgonzola and long crispy bacon strips.

My teen ordered a simple burger, called the Beginning, but added a side ~ it was onion ring perfection. Crisp, crunchy batter. Warm, juicy inside. And they were literally as big around as the burger.

This is a scaled down burger that one of the boys got off the kids' menu.

While my son ordered "The Beginning," my husband ordered "The End." This tall stack includes horseradish havarti, a fried egg, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato and truffle aioli.

And one of the boys ordered grilled cheese off the kids' menu.

And another look and my black and bleu burger.

This is one of these places where the burgers are so big and delicious that you stuff yourself and really don't have a bit of room for dessert. But it's also one of those places where you DO NOT want to skip dessert. My son and I shared this sinful S'mores cake. It was a molten chocolate cake covered in a lightly browned marshmallow sauce and served with a thin wafer cookie. Trust me, save some room and some calories for this. It's well worth it.

One of the boys ordered a chocolate shake for dessert. Again, something totally worth the calories and I don't blame him at all for not wanting to share a taste with me. It was thick and rich and exactly what a milkshake should taste like - in a big tall glass. Perfect for two if you're dining with someone who won't mind sharing.

Bru Burger Bar
410 Massachusetts Ave.
Indianapolis, IN