Hooter's, Lansing, Illinois

When a Hooter's opened in our town probably about 20 years ago, I kind of boycotted it just on principal. I figured no one was really going there for the food and that the dining room was full of nothing but guys drinking beer and taking in the eye candy. But, when I tried their food, I realized it was good. Really good.

Once in a while hubby and I will stop there for a bite or we'll get carry-out (I just can't bring myself to go there for a family meal with my five sons.) So, for our latest carry-out meal from Hooter's, this is what we got:
Hubby likes to get the drums - either Hot or Three Mile Island.

One of the boys requested a steak quesadilla. Very good!

I love the chicken strips - mild with some ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

And the Buffalo Shrimp (mild for me) is awesome!