Seven must try items at Produce Depot

I am absolutely in love with Produce Depot, which has locations in Dyer and in St. John. It's a great place to pick up your every day produce, but you'll find so much more there. Here are some things you won't want to miss:

1. The freshly baked bread. Foccacia is my favorite, but you'll find a variety of other breads there that are as fresh as you'll find - hand made with quality ingredients.

2. Spices, herbs and greens from the cooler. I love the walk in cooler where you can get everything from cold, crisp lettuce to fresh mint and oregano and much, much more. Very reasonable prices. At a local grocery story, I've paid $4 for a few fresh basil leaves. Here you can get a full bunch for a dollar.

3.  The soup. Another homemade item, the varieties change often, but everything is warm and good and satisfying.

4. The hard to find veggies.  I've yet to find fingerling potatoes or cipollini onions at any area grocery stores, but I can find them here. 

5. Organics.  Not everything in the store is organic, but there's a pretty good variety and they're well-marked.

6. Smoothies. There's a long list of smoothies on the menu or you can create your own. I recommend Banana Bonkers. If green smoothies are your thing, this is the place to get one!

7. Sandwiches. There's a counter where you can have a sandwich freshly made and they're some of the best you'll get. Lots of choices for meats, cheese and breads and then a lot of toppings to choose from. Be sure to get the seasoned tomatoes!!!

Produce Depot
8126 Wicker Ave.
Saint John, IN