South Bend Chocolate Cafe, Indianapolis, IN

I first discovered South Bend Chocolates on a family trip to South Bend over a decade ago where we stopped at the factory to look around and after doing a little sampling we did a lot of buying. Ever since then, I always stop at a South Bend Chocolate location when I come across one. A couple times we have stopped at the cafe in South Bend and every time I go through Valparaiso (which has been quite often in recent years during soccer season) I make a stop for some goodies. They also have really good sandwiches and soups.

I'd also stopped years ago in the location in Indianapolis to pick up some treats and while walking around the circle on a recent trip, I couldn't just pass it by and not indulge. I popped in for a quick chocolate covered Oreo and some chocolate covered raisins. There's a lot more worth trying, though, and as hard as I've tried I haven't come even close to sampling the whole line of sweets. I'll never give up, though. :)