Goodies at the ball park

If you've followed the blog or our Facebook page for a while, you know I am head over heels in love with my Chicago Cubs. My sis is a season ticket holder and I spend many days at Wrigley Field each season. A lot of times we just enjoy the game and wait for a vendor to come by with hot dogs or peanuts and that's the extent of our ball park cuisine.

If I feel like roaming around, it's often nachos or a beef sandwich or an Italian sausage/beef combo.

And sometimes, it is just too cold to deal with something messy. That's how it has been on my first two visits this season where we froze our baseball loving butts off.

I did venture away from our seats on the most recent visit because my son requested some cheese fries. And the girl in the next row had a burger that looked and smelled great, so I grabbed burgers for dad and I. It was a fun time with my dad and youngest son, who just turned 9. Nothing cooler than doing a three-generation trip to the Friendly Confines.

So, we managed to eat our burgers and fries without freezing our hands too much.

And the little guy had me all over the park chasing down the guy selling hot chocolate. I was so focused on the game I missed him going by our section and had to follow him through 6 sections to buy the last hot chocolate. And a cookie. :)