DMK Burger Bar brings back special Santo burger for opening day

DMK Burger Bar will be bringing back the Real #10 burger on Friday for the Cubs' season opener. During every home game at Wrigley Field, fans can pay homage to everyone's favorite Cubbie Ron Santo by ordering The Real #10, the retired jersey number of Santo. 

Topped with Italian beef, fontina cheese, house-made giardiniera and served dipped in au jus, The Real #10 will be available for $10 on Cubs home game days throughout the entire baseball season, beginning Friday.

Whether watching the Cubbies live at DMK Burger Bar or catching the game at Wrigley Field and heading to DMK for pre- or post-game bites, no home game is complete without a taste of Ron Santo.

DMK Burger Bar is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. For more information please and become a follower at @DMKBurgerBar on Facebook.