Grateful that grilling season has returned

It has been a long, cold, brutal winter, but spring has finally arrived. Even after the calendar officially showed that spring had started, we were still waiting. Although Mother Nature is still playing some tricks on us, we've had a few days now that have been warm enough for getting outside to grill. I know I am very much looking forward to grilling season, for many reasons, including:

1) I love taking the mess outside and not getting everything dirty in the kitchen.
2) I love that my husband does more of the cooking once it's grill season.
3) I love enjoying a meal outside at the patio table under the umbrella.
4) I love that grilling meats is a healthier alternative to some of the cooking methods used in the kitchen.
5) I love that grilling season goes hand in hand with growing season and we eat so many more fresh veggies.
6) I almost never make hamburgers or bratwurst or steak inside, so I'm looking forward to a meaty summer.
7) The start of grilling season means that summer isn't too far off where life is just a little more laid back.