A touch of sun

Each year, along with planting a vegetable garden, my husband plants sunflowers. It's amazing how huge some of these flowers get by summer's end, towering over us. This past week, the petals starting falling off and somehow, that must signal the animals to come feast...because the squirrels weren't bothering them at all until this past week. One morning I woke up and four in a row had been chewed off mid-stalk. One critter littered sunflower seeds all over the sidewalk along the house. I've been seeing them running up the trees with big sunflowers hanging out of mouths.

Once the ones beside the garden were getting large, my husband came across some more seeds in the garage and planted them. It was probably early to mid-July when he put them in the ground and he didn't really expect them to grow and bloom. But they did.

And in less than two months, this is how tall they got. I'm sad to see them starting to droop and be devoured by squirrels. Looks like fall is moving in.