Tyler's Tender: Fun for young and old

My dear niece, Colleen, lives far away. FAR. FAR. AWAY. She's in Queensland, Australia and it's been quite a while since I've seen her last. After college, she went off to Japan and taught English there for a while and when she was there she met this Aussie guy who was a Japanese teacher back home. And they are now living happily ever after...on the coast as man and wife with a little girl, now 15 months and a second baby on the way. Yes, that makes me a great aunt! And I got to meet my new little great niece, Sarah, for the first time recently as they visited the U.S. Before they left for the long trip home, I was able to enjoy a nice lunch with her and my brother's whole family with two of my boys at Tyler's Tender in Schererville.

I figured Sarah would enjoy the place with a train ride and model trains on tracks all over the place. I knew the grown ups would like the food. And we all had fun playing in the arcade.

So, here's our goofy big brother and his lovely oldest daughter who just tied the knot about a month ago (that's why her sis was in town.):

And his wife, my awesome sister-in-law:

And here's the adorable Aussie family:

And the sweet youngest one of my brothers girls:

And here's my youngest guy and his big brother behind him: 

The place has a railroad theme. If you happen to sit at the counter, you can expect for a train to pull up in front of your spot and deliver your food.

I got a salad - with crispy chicken. 

And I munched on some of the homemade fries that came with my son's meal. I LOVE their homemade chips!

My niece said that she's missed mozzarella sticks and fried mushrooms since being out of the states. She recalled the ones she used to eat at Stephano's Pizza when she worked there in high school and that's what she ordered.

Here's her husband's hefty bacon burger.

And sweet little Sarah nibbled on a quesadilla.

Cheese quesadilla with homemade chips.

Then it was on to the adjoining arcade for some fun. Who doesn't love skee ball?