Buffalo cheddar a new flavor at the deli counter

Ever since a routine blood test at the doctor's office indicated that I had slightly elevated cholesterol levels, I've tried to scale back on my love affair with cheese. And I mean it is a LOVE AFFAIR! If I was on a deserted island and only three kinds of foods could be available there, I'd pick chocolate, bread and cheese...lovely, beautiful, creamy, dreamy cheese...sharp and aged would be my preference.

But, eating cheese isn't much help in the cholesterol department. I try to eat most of my sandwiches sans cheese these days, but I still pick up cheese from the deli on occasion for hubby and the kids. This is a new one I saw recently - buffalo cheddar - and thought my hot mouthed other half and my boys may like it. I pulled off a little corner to try it and it was hotter than I could tolerate. So, if you're into that, you might want to take a look next time you're at your local deli.