Seasons 52: It's not just about the food

Dining out is about more than just dining. Unless you're gulping down something at a drive through or grabbing something from a carry-out, going out to enjoy a meal means more than eating a meal. You're looking for a place with a welcoming atmosphere and an ambiance that makes you forget what's outside the doors and focus on what's being prepared for you.  There are some places where the food can stand on it's own and justify customers coming to enjoy it even if they were sitting on a milk crate in the woods. Seasons 52 is definitely a place where the food is so outstanding that the surroundings don't have to matter as much. But, that's the beauty of it. Not only is the food top notch, but so is the decor, the service, the selection, the entertainment. It's the whole package. 

Back in the spring, the foodie sisters attended a media preview lunch at the Seasons 52 in Oak Brook just before its opening. While I shared a lot of food photos from that day, I don't think I gave a good look at the restaurant itself. I just came across these pictures I took of the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired interior featuring Honduran mahogany. It is a gorgeous place! Don't you think so?