French bread - a blank pizza canvas

While in past years, our grill has mainly been a burger/brat/hot dog/chicken cooker, I've branched out the past couple years and we pretty much cook anything and everything on the grill in the summer months. My husband does most of the grill cooking and has made some wonderful ribs, fish and breakfast dishes. I also love to do pizza on the grill - whether on flatbread, a prepared crust, an English muffin, a pita, a tortilla or a piece of French bread. But something about French bread pizza is just so appetizing. I love a crispy crust and the bread toasts perfectly on the grill as it melts the gooey cheese that's on top.

The other day, I was trying to think of a quick meal to prepare before I had to get my son off to soccer practice. I made the kids a sauce/cheese/pepperoni version and I made mine with some sauce, spinach, green pepper, cheese, Italian seasoning and fresh basil. I picked up some Johnsonville Italian sausage yesterday that I'm thinking will be awesome on pizzas, so I foresee some more French bread pizza in my future.