Brownberry Pocket Thins make for great lunches

When I was in junior high, my mom worked part-time at a convenience store that had a deli. In the deli, they used pita bread for some of the sandwiches. So, Mom would take them and cut them in half and stuff them with ham and cheese for our lunches and I LOVED them. Recently, I've been purchasing Brownberry Pocket Thins to make little sandwich pockets for myself and my sons for lunchtime. I like the Italian Herb flavor and I love that they have a little perforation in the middle of each one that allows you to easily divide them in half and open them up to use as sandwich pockets. And it makes it easy to save some for later if you only want half of a sandwich.

This week I made some for hubby, too. He is pretty much a white bread kind of guy. He'll eat what I make, but he doesn't get nearly as excited about paninis and wraps as I do. Even he gave the pocket thins a nod. I filled one for him with bacon covered ham (I'd never seen this before, but the deli lady gave me a sample and I knew he'd like it,) Swiss cheese, mayo and some romaine lettuce.