Poached Plums are part of Dessert Menu's Dessert Flight Night

In the foodie world, "flight" is a word I'm hearing more and more. I've heard it mostly when referring to beverages. We've enjoyed beer flights at various restaurants and micro brews. My sister's regular beverage order at Wildfire is the martini flight. We went to a distillery a couple weeks ago where my husband tried out a whiskey flight. A flight is basically a sampling of several of one specific type of food or beverage. So, can you imagine a dessert flight of top notch, all natural, quality, creative, artistic, delectable sweets? Well, that's what was being served last night at Dessert Menu in Dyer! 

Dessert Menu opened in March and this was their first Dessert Flight Night. For $20 a person, you got beverages, three courses of desserts and appetizers in between. There will be more posts ahead on this fabulous evening, But, for now, I'm just focusing on the first course of the dessert flight:

Poached plums, wine stew, mascarpone gelato and an almond cookie. 

On the right is a jar of spiced cider with cognac. I wasn't able to make it for the full event and planned on just popping in for a few pictures. But...Beverly, the proud mama of Chef Renee insisted I try this out. Wow, am I glad she twisted my arm! I passed on the cider, which looked delicious and got raves from the guests, but I did try out the dessert. The plums were literally soaked with flavor, accompanied by the refreshing taste of gelato and a rich, crisp cookie. I can't wait to get back and try out more of their menu items. This evening is all off-the-menu creations and more Dessert Flight Nights are being planned in the future. 

And here is Chef Renee, the lady behind all the sweet treats! Stop in to see her and try some goodies!