Smoked salmon and quinoa romaine wraps

The other day, I posted about making quinoa for the first time and my family's warm welcome to the new dish. The next day, I pulled out some romaine leaves and used some to fill in a wrap for lunch.

2 large romaine lettuce leave
1/4 cup smoked salmon
1/3 cup quinoa

Fill in leaves and enjoy!

Because the quinoa I had used was already flavored ( the box came with a roasted garlic and olive oil flavor packet,) there really wasn't a need to add anything else to it.

However, the next day I decided to make the same lunch since I had enjoyed it so much. I just happened to be making a big bowl of salsa with the pile of tomatoes on my counter from our garden, so I scooped a little fresh salsa on top and found it to be a perfect accompaniment.