Rocky Mountain Jalapeno Popcorn is hot stuff

So, a few weeks back I got a big box of samples of Rocky Mountain Popcorn in the mail. I'm trying them one by one and savoring them. I loved the white cheddar and cinnamon sugar varieties. I wasn't too sure about trying the jalapeno because I don't so hot. I have a wimpy mouth, so I usually don't try hot stuff. And once in a while I try something hot and even though my mouth is burning like crazy, I continue eating eat because I love the flavor...that's what happened when I tried boneless wings at Pizza Hut.

So, when I found this bag of jalapeno flavor in the box (sorry about the image placement, by the way...I keep trying to rotate it and it just isn't working for me!), I thought perhaps I'd try a bite and then pass it on to my husband and youngest son who really, really like hot stuff. But, when I took a bite, I couldn't stop. It also has white cheddar in there, which tones it down just a little, but the flavor mix is beyond yummy! I had to drink a LOT of water as I snacked. And my husband, who really doesn't eat popcorn much, loved it, too. I ended up fighting him over who got the last few bites.

So, if hot is your thing, I'm pretty sure you're going to dig this. And even if hot, isn't your thing, give it a try. It might surprise you!