Try out some fingerlings for National Potato Month

I've posted several times recently about how much in love I am with fingerling potatoes. I love all potatoes, but fingerlings are becoming a fast favorite. So many of the trendy and upscale places I've been to eat in recent months have included them on the menu.

Unfortunately, they aren't commonly found yet in grocery stores in my area, but I've been able to pick them up when I stop at Produce Depot . I also ordered some frozen yellow and purple varieties from Schwan's recently and really liked them.

So, since I have this fascination with fingerlings, I was pleased to see them on the sampling menu at the Idaho Culinary Celebration I attended at Kendall College. Among the dishes prepared that night were a Warm Idaho Fingerling Potatoes, Roasted Beet and Tomato Salad and Curried Idaho Fingerling Potatoes. Both get a major thumbs up from me, especially the salad.

If you have not yet tried fingerling potatoes, take a peek at your local grocery store or farm stand and make a request if they don't carry them yet and if you happen to be out for a bite to eat and find fingerlings on the menu, be sure to give them a try.