Cafe Hollander Tosa Village

On our recent trip to Milwaukee, we spent a quiet Monday morning having breakfast at Cafe Hollander Tosa Village in Wauwatosa. It's one of several Belgian-Themed restaurants from the Lowlands Group in the Milwaukee area.   

We tried a good variety of the menu items between my husband, our four sons and I. I started out with a mimosa. When I ordered our server was very apologetic because they happened to be out of orange juice and were waiting on a delivery arriving that morning. He mentioned that they had pineapple juice and asked if I'd like one prepared with pineapple juice. I agreed to his suggestion and liked it even better than a traditional mimosa. Great start!

Two of the boys ordered a stack of Lowlander Pancakes.

Hot chocolate was the drink of choice among the kids.

My 11-year-old, who has the biggest appetite of the bunch, ordered this massive Chorizo Scrambler Burrito. The scale of it doesn't quite come through in the photo, but it was ENORMOUS! I had to give it a try and it was as amazing as it looks.

Hubby got a platter of Cinnamon Streusel French Toast. Yes, I sampled that, too. Delicious!

Ok, I kind of went the boring route and got the "Americana" with scrambled eggs, toast, thick-cut bacon and American fries, but I pulled it out of the boring category real quick by requesting a side of the Belgian Bier Cheese Sauce. Wow! I poured it on my eggs. I spread it on my American fries. Yes, I even dipped my bacon in it. Don't judge me. :) When you hear the term "awesomesauce," this HAS to be the sauce they are talking about. :) Seriously.

My youngest ordered the waffles off of the kid's menu, which came in this bento-style presentation that was adorable and made it extra appealing.

Oh, and I can't forget! I also got a side of the house recipe Belgian sausage. Somewhat like a smoked sausage that was nicely browned, it had a great flavor. I could see myself sitting there with a scoop of spicy mustard and finishing off the whole plate at any time of day.

The building is vintage and cozy and cool. The music, which alternated between obscure 1980's hits from one-hit-wonders and German beer drinking tunes definitely took you to a different place. The neighborhood is charming and I'm sure quite delightful to walk around in when the temps are out of the single digits. We tried to take a little walk, but didn't get far. It was just one of those brutally cold winter days when we were there. We'd totally love to revisit on a warmer day!

The crew enjoying breakfast. They really are enjoying it. For some reason, when I go to take a picture and ask them to smile, they all stop smiling. On purpose. Then as soon as I'm done, they all smile. They think it's funny. Me, not so much!

Our server hinted that there's a real possibility that the chain may branch out into Chicago and that would make me uber happy. :)

Cafe Hollander - Tosa Village
7677 W. State Street
Wauwatosa, WI