Smoking Peach at Journeyman Distillery

Hubby and I make frequent visits to Three Oaks, Michigan and I remember the buzz about Journeyman Distillery before it opened. We'd drive by and peek at the building anxiously awaiting its opening. Turned out to be all I expected and more. 

For being a tiny rural town in SW Michigan, Three Oaks is such a cool place. It's downtown business district stretches about two blocks, but is full of unique places including an independent theatre (the Vickers), a live theatre (the Acorn), an old-school meat market, a brewery, a couple cute cafes, antique shops, an art gallery, the public library housed in an awesome historical building, the Dewey Cannon trading post with bike rentals, a classic saloon, a pizzeria. 

Just behind main street, the Journeyman sits in part of the old feather bone factory where they make small craft batches of various liquors, including whiskey, gin, vodka and more. The place is loaded with weathered wood and full of sunlight streaming in from the big back window. It's a setting for weddings, parties, musical entertainment, but you can just pull a stool up to the bar and enjoy a drink and we've done that several times. 

We decided we'd head up to Three Oaks on St. Patrick's Day to get some corned beef at Nelson's Saloon, but before we did that we hung out in New Buffalo for a little bit and walked by the lake. Then we stopped at Journeyman where the special cocktail that day was the Smoking Peach. I suggested it for hubby as I had tried smoked cocktails before and thought he'd like it, even though it was a sweet one. The process of watching it made is pretty fun and it's neat to watch the smoke rise out of your jar. I loved the smokiness added to the sweet taste from the peach puree. 

I also noticed among the liquor for sale was a barrel aged balsamic vinegar, which I brought home. It made for a awesome salad dressing.

Journeyman Distillery
109 Generation Drive
Three Oaks, MI