Colectivo By The Lake in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While visiting Milwaukee at the beginning of the month, one of our breakfast spots was Colectivo By The Lake, with a cool, yet charmingly nostalgic atmosphere. Housed in the 1888 Milwaukee River Flushing Station, this cute and roomy cafe offers breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwich, soups, salads and baked goods. 

Colectivo By The Lake is popular with college students, which seemed to make up much of the crowd when we were there on this Sunday morning. Lots of books, laptops and papers were spread out on the tables while they sipped coffee and studied.

We sat upstairs and really enjoyed our meal at this trendy spot. The biscuit breakfast sandwich was hearty and tasty. The fresh, rustic buttery biscuit took it miles beyond what you'd get at a fast food drive-thru.

One of the boys got a breakfast baguette that they raved about. I had to try a bite and I totally agreed with their assessment. I'm a huge fan of crusty artisan breads and this baguette was heavenly.

The varied menu should offer something to satisfy everyone. Other items we ordered were a toasted bagel, oatmeal and pumpkin bread. I'm not a coffee drinker, but my teenager is and he begged at least a half dozen times during the rest of the trip to circle back there so he could get another mocha. 

Colectivo Coffee has several locations, but this is undoubtedly the one with the best view. Situated on the lakefront, the east wall has huge windows. We didn't have a lot to look at this time of year except a frozen lake and lots of white snow. I'm sure it is breathtaking during the warmer months. Patio seating is also available.

Colectivo By The Lake
1701 N Lincoln Memorial Drive
  • MilwaukeeWI 53202

    (414) 223-4551