Demi K's: Munster, IN

I've driven by this place - Demi K's in Munster - several times a week for years, but never been in. But this week as we were passing by, my 9-year-old asked if we could stop somewhere for a burger. He asked at just the right time and in we went.

Demi K's is one of those places that has a huge menu. Pretty much anything that you can throw in a fryer, you will find here. Gyros. Polish sausage. Chicago-style dogs. Perch. Wings. Shrimp. Chopped steak. Chicken sandwich. Philly cheesesteak. Pizza puff. Italian beef. Ribeye steak sandwich. There's a lot to choose from.

The painted walls in side are cute. The "Munster Mustangs" wall is a salute to the local high school teams and a few historic photos are on the wall.

I got my son a plain burger, as requested. He also asked for cheese fries. Turned out to be a HUGE order that he shared with two of his brothers and me - and we still had some left over. Next time I get a hankering for a gyros, I'll have to head back their way and try it out.

Demi K's
437 Ridge Road
Munster, IN