90+ Cellars

I feel like I'm sharing an awesome little secret with this post...it was something that surprised and excited me. I was shopping in Binny's recently and stopped at a sample table. I'd noticed the label on bottles an aisle earlier. I was intrigued by the label itself, but at an $8.99 a bottle price, I figured it wasn't worth trying. I love a good glass of wine when I'm out for dinner, but 'm not a big by-the-bottle wine purchaser (simply because I can't finish a bottle all by myself), but I'm absolutely a wine snob. I generally don't bother with a bottle that's less than $15 or $20 just figuring I probably won't like it. Wow, was I wrong.

The rep for 90+ Cellars explained that their wines come from respected wineries around the world that simply sell their high-quality overstock to 90+ to be sold at a lower price. You're still getting really good wines, but at a fraction of the price. The catch is that it isn't disclosed exactly what winery it's coming from, but you get the country/region and a lot number. I'm all for a little mystery if means I can get what should be a $40 bottle of wine for under $10. I tried the cabernet, resiling and sauvignon blanc. I was impressed by each one and couldn't believe it came out of a bottle that retails for only $8.99.

I left with a couple bottles, including a bottle of Lot 94 Cabernet Sauvignon from Rutherford, Napa Valley, Ca. that was a nice accompaniment to a grilled filet dinner. I love that I no longer have to wonder if I should bother with a low-cost bottle of wine. I know that with 90+ Cellars I'll be getting wine that should cost much more and is high quality.

Take a look on their website www.ninetypluscellars.com for more on the story of how 90+ Cellars came to be.