St. Paul Fish Company at Milwaukee Public Market

On our recent visit to Milwaukee, we made two stops to Milwaukee Public Market. We just had a short window there on our first day, so the following day we made another visit back so I could look around further and the kids could pick up some lunch.

The market is located in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward where a century ago it was a hub where vegetable and fruit farmers to city businesses. Today it is a foodie's paradise with a variety of food products and meals available.

One of the fun eateries within the market is St. Paul Fish Company. My 11-year-old is a big seafood lover, so at lunch time as his brothers were at the other end eating hamburgers, he and I went down to St. Paul Fish Company. That's a great reason to visit - you'll find something to please everyone. My son placed his order for fried fish tacos. He got two substantial tacos and chips.

I had already had lunch, so I sat by his side and chatted as he ate. The delicious smells had me contemplating eating another lunch, but instead I tried a couple bites and it was quite good. Hot and crunchy on the outside and flaky and moist on the inside.

Some of the other options include catfish, crab cakes, oysters, calamari, salmon, tuna, swordfish, shrimp and even lobster. go to


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