Rosie's: New Buffalo, Michigan

We adore Southwest Michigan and make day trips there occasionally during the school year when we can drop the kids at school, drive north for breakfast and/or lunch, so some shopping or visit the beach and be back to pick the kids up from school.

That's what hubby and I did on St. Patrick's Day. I hadn't eaten breakfast, so I figured we'd visit Three Oaks and stop at Elm St. Bistro, Froelich's or Viola Cafe for breakfast. There is also Conway's which I've been dying to try out.'s the off-season. And it was a Tuesday. So, unfortunately none of those places were open. We figured we'd head to New Buffalo to spend a little time at the beach and see if anything was open for breakfast there.

We came across Rosie's, a breakfast and lunch spot on Whiiaker within walking distance of the lake. We still had lunch to come (corned beef at Nelsons Saloon), so we went light. Hubby had a couple pancakes and I got a half-order of biscuits and gravy. The place was a cozy little diner where the locals streamed in and out. They're only open until 2 in the afternoon so they specialize in breakfast dishes and sandwiches. I'm glad we found it and I have a feeling we'll be there for more breakfasts to come.

The lake still had a lot of ice on it and was really pretty, but after the winter we have had, I'm looking forward to a full thaw and coming back in flip flops in a couple months!

128 N. Whittaker
New Buffalo, MI