Claussen Sandwich Slices

There are a lot of sandwich condiments out there. Just thought I'd put up a quick post on one of my favorites, Claussen's sandwich slices. Now, call me weird, but...I don't care that much for the little circular pickle slices, but I do like the taste of a pickle on my sandwich rather than having a spear on the side. 

So, I don't typically have pickle with my sandwich, unless it's a sandwich slice. I guess the size of this type of slice gives you more even distribution than the small slices and I love how crisp they are. Unlike the pickles that sit in a jar on a shelf, these are kept in the refrigerated section of the supermarket and I just like that cold, crisp freshness of one stacked on my deli meat and cheese slices.

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  1. Theses are thong only pickles i ever buy for my home, it is the most delicious pickles ever


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