Sometimes the leftovers are even better

Have you ever had a meal that you didn't finish and then learn a day or two later that the leftovers were even BETTER than the original? I find that happens often. While sitting in the refrigerator, the flavors marinate and when you re-warm it, it's packed with that much more flavor. It happens with Italian dishes, like lasagna and with soups. And it happened with this stir fry I had recently. Day old Asian food always seems to taste great. This was a dish made by my sister's Vietnamese exchange student. She used chicken and packed it with vegetables. The original post with the recipe can be found by clicking here.

So, if you decide to try making this dish, be sure to reserve some for leftovers. You'll love them even more the second time around!


  1. Totally agree. The key (I've learned) is to figure out which dishes are better the second time around, double the recipe and KNOW you'll enjoy them again.


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