Summer tastes to soon depart at Seasons 52

There's not much time left to get a taste of the summer menu at Seasons 52. It's one of my favorite places. How can you not love a restaurant with such wonderful and creative seasonal dishes? And I'm always amazed that everything on the menu is 475 calories or less and how good a dish with so little calories can taste so good. Soon, a new menu will have some seasonal offerings of Fall and I look forward to seeing what it coming up. Here are a few photos from the Summer Menu media dinner I attended where we sampled away.

This Organic Arugula salad features watermelon, golden beats, goat cheese, jicama and pistachios. Killer combination!!!

I was blown away with how savory and satisfying the Summer Vegetarian Tasting platter was. I'm a meat and potatoes girl, but didn't miss the meat at all.

And...the salmon there is wonderful. This specific variety is already off the menu, but I've had the Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon, which is on the current menu and it is beyond amazing.

Stop in soon for your last taste of summer! Oh, and remember that the $15 flatbread and wine flight special continues this month! Seasons 52 has locations in Oak Brook and in Schaumburg.


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